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Khakasiya warm Siberia

10 reasons to visit Khakassia

1. Salt and Freshwater Curative Lakes

Пресные и соленые лечебные озера

The Republic of Khakassia is rich in range of tourist and recreational opportunities. There are about 300 lakes in the region. Every year thousands of visitors from all over Russia come to the lakes Belyo, Shira, Tus and others to enjoy a wonderful vacation, to take a sunbath and to get the healing power of the lakes of Khakassia.

2.National Khakassian Holidays and Festivals

Национальные Хакасские праздники и Фестивали

Annually Khakassia hosts national holidays accompanied with songs and dances, competitions, Khakassian Folk Art product exhibitions, folk group colourful performances.
Tun Pairam (holiday of the first big milk yield of the year) and international eco-ethnic festival Chir Chaiaan are the most spectacular celebrations of the year, where you can taste khakassian cuisine. 


3. Ancient History and Archeology Monuments

Памятники древней истории и археологии

Khakassia is called archaeological Mecca. Huge variety of ancient history and archeology monuments are concentrated here-about 30 000 objects: kurgans (burial mounds), ancient fortifications, stone stelae, petroglyphs (stone paintings).  


4. Beauty of Natural Landscape

Природа Хакасии

Amazing nature, high mountains and vast steppes, healing power lakes and springs attract tourists from all over the world.


5. Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant

Саяно-Шушенская ГЭС

Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP is put on the list of the world's ten-highest dam and the only highest in Russia.


6. Ivanovsky Lakes

Ивановские озера

Ivanovsky Lakes - one of the most scenic places of Khakassia and the only place beyond Ural mountain, where skiing from October till July.


7. Khakassky Nature Reserve

Заповедник Хакасский

Khakassky Reserve features nine separate clusters, which are located in steppe and subalpine zones. One of them is «Lykov's Settlement» known as the place of Agafia's Taiga Life.


8. Kazanovka Open-Air Museum-Reserve 

Музей-заповедник «Казановка»

Stone stelae, menhirs, ancient fortifications and real khakassian yurts - all of this visitors will see in the Museum Kazanovka.


9. Gladenkaya Ski Resort 

Горнолыжный комплекс «Гладенькая»

One of the best Ski Resorts of Russia. Comfortable infrastructure, best services and beauty of Sayan mountains nature will make your stay unforgettable!


10. Open-Air Museums

Музеи под открытым небом

There is about a dozen open-air museums, which represent the cultural heritage and archeology. The most important of them - Ancient kurgans of Salbyk Steppe and Ulug Khurtuyakh tas.


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