Khakasiya warm Siberia

Fortress Ustanakh

Mount fortification Ustanakh is known from the second half of the XIX century. In 1991, 1994-95 archaeological excavations of monument were made. The total area of ​​excavation is 158 sq.meters. The cultural layer of the Bronze Age of the Afanasiev-Okunevsky Culture and up to Karasuk Culture was identified. Most personable layer of the Late Bronze Age, which is determined by numerous fragments of pottery that time. A lot of ceramics finds, calcified bones, charcoal was found in the north-eastern part close to the first line of the construction stone wall. The researches had shown that Karasuk time ceramic finds right beneath the turf. The total quantity of kamennolozhsky pottery fragments made 660 (88.6% of the ceramics). The cultural layer, inside the building, contains fragments of pottery, bone and charcoal. At the same time meets Okunevsky and kamennolozhsky ceramics.

The excavations of Okunevsky ceramic is presented by a small number of fragments (56 fragments), not less than 8 vessels. Early Bronze Age ceramic is important evidence of human habitation on the mount Ustanakh. That's why the construction of a stone building is associated with Okunevskaya era.



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