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Khakasiya warm Siberia

About us

State Budget Institution of the Republic of Khakasia "Lakes of Khakasia"

The State Budget Institution of the Republic of Khakasia "Lakes of Khakasia" was established by the Resolution of Government of the Republic of Khakasia on April 29, 2011, № 233 to provide best conditions for tourist industry development in the Republic of Khakasia.

Main activities:

- Visitors stay providing in places of organized recreation and tourism;

- Citizens informing to develop tourist industry in the Republic of Khakasia;

- Organizing and carrying out sports and tourist events;

- Educational activity, including booklets, photo albums, guides and other printed publications release;

- Organizing and carrying out youth and leisure activities, presentations, parties, festivals, exhibitions, sessions, shows, discos, professional holidays and anniversaries;

- Events support. Printed publications, awards, souvenirs providing.


Income-generating activities:

- Routes planning. Tourist trails Guide Instructions & Guidelines;

- Tourist activity;

- Tourist equipment support;

- Recreation and Entertainment organizing;

- Accommodation and Catering organizing;

- Guarded parking organizing; 

- News and advertising materials production and distribution;

- Catamarans, boats, snowmobiles and other tourist equipment rental;

- Fan and sport fishery organizing.



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Министерство спорта и туризма Республики Хакасия Озера Хакасии